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5 Ways to use Video in the Recruiting Process

If your organization is looking for a creative way to attract new hires, you may want to try incorporating video into your hiring and recruiting process. Video makes the entire process more personal and authentic.  

Check out 5 ways that recruiters can use video: 


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1. Email Communications

When you reach out to candidates with a personalized video email message, you are adding the human element in ‘human resources.’ Saying the candidates name in the video makes them feel welcome and helps them build a personal connection with you, the recruiter! You can also encourage the candidate to reply back with their own video message so that you can get to know them a bit before the in-person interview. 

These video communications can outline next steps in the hiring process to make sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Bonus Tip: Ask the CEO to record a quick video message welcoming new recruits. With Cheers Video Mail, this video can be stored in your library and sent out at any time! 

2. Screening Candidates

Reading a resume or an application form only gives you so much information about an applicant. A great way to get to know a candidate is by seeing them. You can set up a series of questions that the applicant needs to answer via video. This speeds up your screening process and helps you see whether this candidate would be a good fit for not only this position but within the organization itself. 

3. A Video Job Posting

Job postings contain a lot of crucial information that candidates need to know. A lot of people retain and remember information when it is visually presented to them. Presenting the job posting in the form of a video guarantees that you can communicate all the important elements of the job description. 

These videos can also include personal experiences of people who are currently working in the organization or even be a tour of the office. Candidates will have a better understanding of the organization's cultural environment to see if this position would be a good fit for them. 

According to Hubspot, video on a landing page increases conversion rates by 80%! These videos will help increase your pool of applicants as well as your search engine optimization (SEO) because people are staying on your website longer. 

4. Embrace Social Media

Don’t just limit to posting these videos on your website. Share them across all of your social media platforms to find the perfect hire! Your followers are more likely to share a video post which will help you boost engagements, reach, and ultimately have a flood of applications. 

5. Training Videos

Training videos offer a smooth transition for new hires. They can quickly learn processes and procedures. These videos make for great reference material for future use as well. 

Video isn’t just for marketing your products or services. It serves as a great tool for attracting candidates to your organization. 

Start using videos in your hiring process today! Get started by using our video emailing services. Sign up for free today!